‘Reading Habits’ TAG


Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? I apologise for skipping Monday’s post (had Wednesday’s queued but forgot to do the same for the previous one. Oopsy!) but I had to go to my hometown for a doctors appointment and, as it was just a 24-hour trip, I did not take my computer with me.

I was nominated by my friend Helena from Lena’s Petals (if you do not know her blog, go and have a look! As the name indicates, she shares a lot of flowers, as well as some great recipes, hauls and beauty products reviews!) for this ‘Reading Habits’ TAG. For those of you who do not know this, I looooove to read and I am actually studying Literature at University. So I has very happy to receive this nomination 😀

(The questions were in Portuguese but I have tried my best to translate them properly for you guys)

  1. Do you have a specific place in your house where you prefer reading?  I do, actually. Curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a candle lit beside me 🙂
  2. Book marker or piece of paper? Book marker! My cousin made this one for me, which I absolutely love


3. Can you simply put the book down or do you have to finish the chapter or on a certain page number? End of chapter, always!

4. Do you eat / drink while you are reading? Not often, but I do drink sometimes while reading. I pretty much only drink either tea or water so, if something happened, it would be easy to fix.

5. Music or TV while reading? I can listen to music but only if it is something I am listening to for the first time, because I do not know the lyrics yet so I cannot stop reading so I can sing along to the song 😛

6. Read one book at a time or a few at the same time? One at a time.

7. Read at home or somewhere else? I can read anywhere, it is not a problem for me. But I do prefer to do it at home.

8. Reading silently or out loud? Silently 🙂

9. Do you read ahead/jump pages? Oh yes! I hate not knowing things, not knowing how something will play out. So I am always trying to know how everything will unfold (yes, I am one of those people who loves spoilers!). My anxiety does not let me be until she knows everything!

10. Break the spine of the book (is this how you say it? Sounds weird…) or keep it as good as new? I try to keep it as good as new but it is really difficult!

11. Do you write/make notes on the pages? Hell no!!!

And that is it for this TAG! Hope you guys liked it! Let me know if you are a bookworm as well and if your answers would be any different from mine 🙂


Alice ❤

2 thoughts on “‘Reading Habits’ TAG

  1. Muito obrigada por teres respondido! 😀
    Adoro o marcador, é mesmo, mesmo bonito!!
    E temos coisas em comum. Também só consigo ouvir música se for algo novo. Acontece o mesmo quando estou a estudar, senão os meus resumos em vez de matéria são letras de músicas. Ahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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