Staying Chic And Cozy Throughout Winter

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a special post, about how to stay chic and cozy (and sexy!) during the colder months 🙂

This is my favourite time of the year. I must admit, I hate feeling hot so I most definitely do not like Summer! As I am a very cold blooded person (my average body temperature is around 35 ºC / 95 ºF), I am used to feeling cold, it is my natural habitat… So when it comes to this season I am always looking for ways to keep warm-ish and cozy and I thought I would share some of them with you!

Sem TítuloI actually discovered Adore Me a few weeks ago and they have amazing lingerie and pyjamas, great for Autumn and Winter (these are all from there – click here to visit their website)!

During the colder months, I cannot live without tea! I make myself at least a couple of cups of tea every single day, it is my favourite drink and imperative for me to be cozy (and warm, of course).

Something else that is mandatory: face masks! I actually did this one myself (the recipe for which can be found here), it is a deep cleansing clay mask. I have a habit of doing this throughout the year but specially during the colder months, as my skin gets a bit more dry and I need to apply moisturising face masks more often – and I only apply those after I have properly cleansed my skin.

Dressing gowns are also mandatory this time of the year as they will keep you warm and cozy (and possibly sexy) at home. Portugal is not a very cold country at all, not even during the colder months. However, our homes are usually quite cold because heating systems are a bit expensive. So, yours truly here will spend the winter in a cozy pyjama, with an undershirt underneath the top, one pair of regular socks plus another pair of warm, cozy ones and a dressing gown over it all 😛 So yeah, warm pyjamas are also quite needed during this time of the year!

And I thought I would include some nice lingerie as well (these two sets are so Autumnal / Christmassy!!) because us women tend to feel more comfortable when we are wearing something nicer than usual. Nobody else needs to see it, us knowing we have it on is proved to be enough to boost our self-esteem 🙂

How about you, guys? What do you do to stay chic and cozy throughout Winter?


Alice ❤

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