Hydrating Masks for Hands and Feet – Do They Really Work?

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you are having a lovely week πŸ™‚ On today’s post I will share with you my thoughts on hydrating masks for hands and feet. I had heard of them a few times before but nothing specific, nobody saying if they were actually worth the money.

So, I went to the supermarket the other day, just to buy my groceries, and saw these two:


And I thought to myself “do I really want a couple of products that will leave my hands and feet feeling like a baby’s bum overnight?”Β Well, of course I did! πŸ˜‰Β They were almost €5 / $5,65 / Β£3,65 each (which I believe was a reasonable price) and they were in the natural/organic section of the supermarket, which is another plus in my books.

And this is what they looked like both out of the packages and on my hands / feet:

20151019_012626 (1)
Deep Repair Foot Socks, Facialderm


Spa Manicure Mask, Facialderm


As for results, I have to say I was expecting so much more! I was really disappointed with both of them 😦 My skin felt a tiny bit softer the morning after I applied them (I applied both these masks just before I went to bed) but nothing a good moisturiser would not do just as well.

Honestly, if you have good foot cream and hand cream, you do not need to buy these…

Have you guys ever tried anything like this? If you have, has it worked?


Alice ❀

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