How To Find The Perfect Concealer!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a post that will most likely save your life! Just kidding… It will – hopefully – be very helpful, though 😉

Most of us girls struggle when it comes to choosing our concealer so today’s post will be on how to master this decision! First of all, it is crucial to say that different skin concerns call for different textures and colours: you can either pick a colour close to your natural skin tone or a colour-correcting concealer that balances out discolouration.

When choosing a concealer to match your skin tone, try one that is half a shade lighter that your foundation. However, just as you do when choosing the foundation that matches your skin tone, pay attention to words like “beige” (pink and yellow undertones), “cool” (pink), “warm” (olive/yellow) or “neutral”.

And then comes the tricky part! You want to colour-correct: on the colour wheel, the colours across from each other on the spectrum are opposites, so they cancel each other out when used for colour-correction. Which means: red is the opposite of green, blue is the opposite of orange and purple is the opposite of yellow.

With that being said, to neutralise purplish dark circles, you should go for a yellow-based concealer; an orange-toned concealer will work best for bluish dark circles and a green-based concealer will be ideal to cover up any redness! Also, the more fair skin tones are prone to more of a green-based undereye discolouration, therefore they should go for a mauve-rose corrector.

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As for texture, you should opt for a creamy formula (concealer stick or pot) for blemishes and dark spots. For the undereye area, which is very delicate, you should opt for something lightweight that blends easily.

Hope you find this post helpful! 🙂


Alice ❤

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