Back to School/Work Make-up Look

Hello, my lovelies!

I’m back 😀 Sorry to have been away for so long but it was great taking this time to be with my family and enjoying Summer. I did miss this, though!

Today’s post is a make-up look that is great for returning to school/work. I know school has already started a few weeks ago in some countries but here in Portugal we are only getting started now. It is a very simple look, appropriate for everyday, that is only going to enhance your natural beauty. Also, it will look great on every skin tone and compliment every eye colour. And it only takes about 10 minutes! 🙂

These are all the products I used to achieve this look:

Foundation: Accord Perfect (True Match), L’Oréal

I started with my face and by applying foundation. You will want to choose a foundation you trust, one that you know will do the job and give you the coverage and finish you are looking for. My advice: do not choose a heavy foundation. Even if you have blemishes like I do, it is best to apply a light-weight foundation that gives a good coverage and then go in with concealer for the little things you want to cover up.


Concealer: Pro Longwear, MAC

Then I went in with my all-time favourite concealer (which happens to be the only one I currently own) and applied it under my eyes and on the blemishes I wanted to hide.


Powder: Hello Flawless, Benefit

After applying concealer, I went in with a bit of powder on my T-zone. I tend to use this specific one in the Summer because I bought it in a shade darker than my skin tone so it matches my tan perfectly. If, however, you do not have oily or combination skin, you can skip this step.


Bronzer: Hoola, Benefit

And then, of course, bronzer! You want to give the impression that you have been bathing in sunlight for the past months so bronzer will be your best friend. Also, it gives some shape and dimension to the face. Hoola is my absolute favourite bronzer, as it does not have an orange undertone, which means it is also great for contouring and it will also look much more natural. Apply it under your cheekbones, on your temples and you are good to go 🙂 (I also apply it to the sides of my nose, just to make it look a bit narrower.)


Blush: 105 Dark Rose, Kiko

After bronzer, I went in with blush and this, as you probably know by now, is one of my favourites. It looks so natural on the skin, like your natural blush colour. Also, it lasts all day long which, considering blush is the first thing to fade away during the day, is a pretty good sign!


Eyeshadow: Wedge, MAC

Moving on to the eyes, I started by applying Wedge (one of my favourite crease colours) on the crease and blended it very well, making sure there were no harsh lines.


Eyeshadow: Jumbo Liner in 04 Taupe, Sephora

Then I applied this jumbo liner on my lid and blended it with my fingers (no brush needed for this step), making sure there were no harsh lines. I also applied it on my lower lash line to balance the whole look.


Mascara: Roller Lash, Benefit

After I was done with the eyeshadows, I applied my favourite mascara at the moment. Seriously, if you have not tried this mascara yet, you are missing out on life!


For Brows: Faint (Naked Basics), Urban Decay

Then I filled in my brows a bit with Faint, an ashy brown eyeshadow that matches my brows perfectly.


Brow Gel: Gimme Brow, Benefit

After that, it was time to set my brows in place with Benefit’s Gimme Brow, my favourite brow gel of all time.


Lipstick: 813 Apple Blossoms (Ultra Glossy Stylo), Kiko

Lastly, I went in with one of my favourite lipsticks, which gave it a natural yet glossy look.


And this is the finished look!

12 13 14 15 16 17

Hope you like it 🙂


Alice ❤

7 thoughts on “Back to School/Work Make-up Look

    1. They are indeed very similar to the ones you chose 🙂 maybe because they are really good products for “school appropriate” make-up look, as they only enhance your natural beauty, it’s not a “in your face” type of look 😛 xx

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