My Make-up Collection: Eyeshadows

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you another piece of my make-up collection: my individual eyeshadows! As I told you on the last post, I love eyeshadows – I just cannot help myself! Bearing that in mind, we should start by agreeing that I do not really own that many eyeshadows. Seriously, it could be so much worse…!

Anyway, these are my eyeshadows:




LeftAddicted to You (Matte), Sephora | RightWinter in London nº 58, Sephora

Grey eyeshadows are a must-have: they are perfect for creating smokey eyes or to give a more edgy vibe to your everyday look. The other day, I semi-lightly applied Winter in London nº 58 (how perfect is that name?!) and added winged liner and got loads of compliments on my make-up!

They are both from Sephora, very easy to apply, fairly pigmented, last all day and blend like a dream!



Left: Matt Aubergine nº 60, Makeup Factory | Right: Haux (Satin), MAC

I love wearing eyeshadows that have a purple undertone since it brings out the green in my eyes (though I would never wear purple eyeshadow!). These shadows have some brown mixed in, which makes them perfect, in my opinion!

Matt Aubergine is perfect for creating a smokey eye, I love to add it to the outer corners.

Haux was the first MAC eyeshadow (and product) that I ever bought so it holds a special place in my heart. This truly is the perfect eyeshadow for me, since it has a perfect ratio between brown and burgundy.

Both eyeshadows blend like a dream and last all day long!



Top Left: Copperplate (matte), MAC | Bottom Left: Wedge (matte), MAC | Top Right: Cashmere Coat nº 50 (matte), Sephora | Bottom Right: Marie nº 14, Sephora

Amongst these are two of my favourite eyeshadows ever: Wedge and Marie nº 14! The former is my perfect crease colour, which is slightly warmer and darker than my skin tone. And I love combining it with the latter, which shimmery but ever so lightly. These two together are my perfect everyday make-up look!

The other two eyeshadows I do not wear often, since they are more on the cooler side and with grey undertones. I feel like they wash the colour away from my face :-/


Natural / Golden

Top Left: Brulé (Satin), MAC | Top Right: Girl Talk nº 45, Sephora | Pencil: 04 Taupe, Sephora | Bottom Right: 26, ArtDeco

Personally, I feel like Brulé was a waste of money. However, it is a lovely eyeshadow base (though I normally use my face powder for that purpose) and it is also a lovely highlighting colour for those with darker skin tones.

Girl Talk nº 45 is a lovely warm gold eyeshadow, though I have to admit it has loads of fallout.

The pecil shadow is lovely, gives a lovely sheen to my eyelids since it is pretty much the same colour as my skin. And though it does not last 12 hours on me, it lasts quite a while!

26 only gives a bit of sparkle to my lids, since it is so light. The way I love to use it is as my inner corner highlight, looks perfect!


I would love to know what is your favourite eyeshadow! And also, do you own any of these?


Alice ❤

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