My Make-Up Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes (+ Wishlist)

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with another post where I show you my make-up collection. And this is a very special one for me: I show you all my eyeshadow palettes, which is something I truly love! They are perfect for travelling and come with such pretty colours and there are so many to choose from… Decisions, decisions!

Here are the ones I own:



Naked 3, Urban Decay


This is, without a doubt, my favourite eyeshadow palette that I own. It has twelve gorgeous shades, great for every single look you can imagine: everyday, smokey eye, you name it!

You get every finish there is, from mattes to pearls and glimmering metallics, from the palest, shimmery pink to deep, warm black.

These eyeshadows blend like a dream, are incredibly pigmented and stay in place all day long! Every time I look at it I am literally like:


Naked Basics, Urban Decay

I bought this palette because it gives me literally the basic colours, which I can use to create so many different looks, from an everyday neutral to a smokey eye.

Naked 2 is the perfect crease colour for me, since it is slightly darker than my skin tone. I have to admit, though, that I do not use it often, since I love a MAC eyeshadow for my crease (which I will show you in my next post).

Faint is the perfect colour for my eyebrows! It is the product I reach for whenever I want to fill them in and it does the job brilliantly!

Crave is a matte black eyeshadow, which is perfect for any smokey eye look.

Again, these eyeshadows blend like a dream, are incredibly pigmented and stay in place all day long!


Sephora Eyeshadow Palette


I apologise, I do not know the specific name if this palette. My friends gave it to me on my birthday, a couple of years ago. It does not say the name on it and I cannot find it on the website :-/

This is a lovely palette. It has three highlighting shades, three matte ones and the other ones are quite shimmery/sparkly. It has the most beautiful taupe shade ever – I did a tutorial with it here, where I also show you swatches for all the eyeshadows.

They blend really well, are super pigmented and last all day long!


i-Divine in “Au Naturel”, Sleek

6 7

I bought this palette mostly because I wanted a matte light grey eyeshadow and this one had it (also, it was on sales). Besides that one, it has other gorgeous colours: a shimmery gold, a shimmery dark burgundy, a matte taupe, a matte lighter burgundy and a black!

The downside is that these eyeshadows are not very pigmented, are a bit difficult to blend and do not last all day. But, overall, I think it is a lovely palette!


Cocoa Bay, H&M

8 9

This is one of the first palettes that I purchased. As you can see, I have barely used the darker eyeshadow but I do really like the lighter one. It gives a nice sheen to the eyelids, since it is pretty much the same colour as my skin tone. It is perfect for those days when you want to have something on but not much. And you can also achieve the perfect smokey eye if you decide to use both eyeshadows!

It was super affordable but the colours do not last long on my eyelids.


Soft Nudes, H&M

10 11

I purchased this palette soon after I bought the Cocoa Bay duo because I thought these colours would be perfect for everyday. I have to be honest: I have barely used them. They are not pigmented at all, are super difficult to blend and do not last at all :-/

And this is my wishlist:

Naked Smoky, Urban Decay


Natural Eyes, Too Faced


Tartelette, Tarte Cosmetics



Eyes Are The Window – “soul”, Stila


35 Color Warm (35W), Morphe Brushes


And that is all! I would love to know which is your favourite palette! And also, do you own any of these?


Alice ❤

14 thoughts on “My Make-Up Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes (+ Wishlist)

    1. Thank you so much! It is so tiny, though. I wish I had all the palettes on my wishlist, then I’d be jealous of myself as well 😛 Thanks for commenting. xx

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  1. I always bring the Naked 3 palette with me when I travel. Their Smoky palette is on my wishlist too. Never got a close look at the Too Faced one yet, but love the shades in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Naked 3 always travels with me, it is the perfect palette for every occasion. I also never got a close look at the Too Faced palette but the colours are gorgeous and I hear great things about it 🙂 Thanks for commenting! xx

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