My Make-up Collection: Blushes

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I share with you one of my favourite products in the make-up world: blush! I just love how it looks, how it makes all the difference in a look! I show you all the blushes I have in my make-up collection – worry not, I do not own many, it could be so much worse!

These are all my blushes:



Breath of Plum, MAC2

Well, as it is a MAC product, I was expecting greatness when I purchased it. To my astonishment, it was actually “meh” – you know, average. Like you can buy a better blush with half the money you spend on this one. It took me quite a few swatches to get the colour you will see in the final picture but I have to say that, once I apply it and build it to the colour I want, it stays put all day long!


Cubic, MAC


I was so in love with this blush for so long. It is a perfect, super natural colour. If you want to have something but not to much, this is your blush! It will look so good on people with fair skin… On these pictures it actually looks more earthy/brownish that it actually is, in really life is this perfect natural, muted pink. Again, it needs a few swatches to get to the desired colour – for me, at least – but it is a lovely colour and has lovely finish!


105 Dark Rose, Kiko


If you are a regular on my blog, you will know about this blush. This is my favourite blush of all time! Again, like Cubic, it is that perfect, natural colour: it looks like you have naturally blushed or are slightly red from the sun – the good kind, like you have been sun kissed, not the kind that makes you look like a lobster. And it was way less expensive than the MAC ones!


41 Bonne Minne, Bourjois 


I talked about this blush a couple of times ever since I got it. I had been looking for a coral blush for a while and purchased this one last Spring. I truly believe it is the perfect coral blush, slightly on the orange side of coral. I do not use it as much as I would love to because I feel like the Kiko one goes better with the clothes I normally wear – which might be a bit OCD of me… But if you are looking for a coral blush, I advise you to check this one out!


4 Sweet Cherry, Bourjois


I have to admit I have only used this blush a couple of times. It is a cream blush and, as I discovered after purchasing this one, cream products do not last on my skin at all. As my skin is overproducing oil due to the lack of water (I talked about this on this week’s posts), it washes away any cream products, they completely vanish after a couple of hours. Therefore, I can say I love this colour and I believe that it is a great blush, but I have to give it another try when my skin gets its balance back on track.


Here are all the swatches:



Alice ❤

4 thoughts on “My Make-up Collection: Blushes

  1. Oh. My. God. It’s… It’s a great collection!
    I used to try Bourjois blushes but i dont like it.
    But the first- MAC seems so gorgeous. I think, i should buy it.
    Thank you for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The MAC blushes are lovely, they are just not very pigmemted. But they last all day long once you apply them, it’s money well spent. Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx


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