“Favourite ‘My Lips But Better’ Shades” TAG!

Favourite 'Your Lips But Better' Shades TAG

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you another TAG, and I absolutely love this one! Thank you Sandy from Lippie Obsession for the nomination! 🙂

The rules are simple: pick your favourite “my lips but better” lip products and tag as many (or few) bloggers as you like! I love these colours for lips, they are my absolute favourites ❤

Here are my picks!


1. MAC Cremestick Liner in Beurre

1. MAC Beurre

This lip pencil is creamy, highly pigmented, very long-lasting and applies soooo smoothly! It is great to fill in the lips or as an outline (in which case, it helps prevent feathering and bleeding of the lipstick). Absolutely love it!

2. MAC lipstick in Twig

2. MAC Twig

I am huge fan of the MAC lip products (okay, okay…of everything MAC!). This one has a satin finish, which is my favourite: they are quite matte but with a bit of added sheen. Therefore, they don’t dry the lips, it leaves them slightly glossy and moisturised. The satin finish lipsticks seem darker on the tube compared to how actually apply on the lips and last for about five hours.

3. MAC lipstick in Crème in Your Coffee

3. MAC Creme in your coffee

This lipstick has a Cremesheen finish, meaning it is very creamy and leaves almost a gloss-like shine. Cremesheen lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips and fairly full-coverage. The only disadvantage, for me, is that they have to be reapplied more frequently – every two hours or so.

4. KIKO Lipstick in 813 Apple Blossoms

4. KIKO 813

This is an “ultra glossy stylo”, as they describe it on the website, which means it has a very smooth texture and a glossy finish. It also has SPF 15, which is great – specially for this time of the year!

5. Yves Rocher 41 Soft Purple

5. Yves Rocher 41

It has quite a glossy finish and, though it is not highly pigmented (if you want more colour, you have to apply a few layers of it), it last almost all day! Looks very natural on the lips ❤

6. Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Liar

6. UD Liar

I have talked about this lipgloss quite a few times already but I just have to include it in this TAG. Okay, it is a bit on the pinky side, but it truly gives you that “your lips but better” look. On the website, it says: even the firmly gloss averse will become hardcore addicts when they try Naked Lipgloss. I can assure you, that is absolutely true! 😛

7. Sephora Rouge Infusion – The Neutrals in 20 Dusty Rose

7. Sephora 20 Dusty RoseThis is another product that I have talked about quite a few times. It is the loveliest lip stain: leaves the lips incredibly soft and is incredibly pigmented without leaving any residue on the lips. Oh! And it smells soooo good, I just want to eat it 😛

Once again, and for the same reasons as on my previous TAG, I will not nominate any specific blogs. If you’re reading this and feel like doing it, then I nominate you 🙂

How about you, guys? What are your favourite “your lips but better” lip products? Do tell me all about them, I am always looking for new ones 😉


Alice ❤

11 thoughts on ““Favourite ‘My Lips But Better’ Shades” TAG!

    1. Ah ah, I totally understand you. I spent the last four years searching for the perfect “your lips but better” colour for me and I think I’ll always go for this type of colour. I believe it looks absolutely perfect on everybody 🙂 xx

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    1. Depends on the finish and depends on what you do while you have that lipstick on. If you eat or drink, it will last less time than if you don’t. But I would say that about 5 hours is a pretty decent time. Thank you for your question. I hope my answer’s helpful. xx


      1. You usually read all my tags and find them interesting so, by nominating who’s reading and finds it interesting, I’m already nominating you 😉 You’re more than welcome to answer all of them ❤ xx


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