The “Eights” Tag!

The Eights Tag

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? I have been nominated for another TAG! So, first things first: thank you Masha – from Strapless – for the nomination! If you don’t know her blog, go and check it out and show her some love 🙂

This TAG is quite interesting! The nominees have 7 categories, in which they have to reveal 8 facts about themselves. Let’s get to it, then 🙂

 1. Eight things to do before I die

– Be a mum

– Go to Italy

– Visit London again

– Work as a Personal Stylist / Image Consultant

– Read as many books as I possibly can

– Own at least one pair of Jimmy Choo shoes ❤

– Have a walk-in closet

– Own a house with a bit of land

2. Eight things I love

– The smell of freshly mown grass

– Anything fashion, make-up or beauty related

– Family, friends and boyfriend

– Starbucks

– Reading a great book

– Travelling

– Eating

– Watching a great TV show

3. Eight things I hate

– A great book with a bad ending or just a bad book

– Tube strikes

– Coriander

– Sickly sweet perfumes (like One Million / Lady Million. Ugh!)

– I walk really fast and hate it when I am trying to go somewhere and I can walk as I usually do because people in front of me are blocking the way and walking super slowly (for my usual pace, that is)

– When my hair has grown way too much and gets everywhere, even if I have it in a ponytail (like it is now!)

– When I am really excited about something and it ends up not happening…

– When I buy a tea and have high hopes for it and it turns out to be rubbish :-/

4. Eight things I say

– “I love you”

– “Yup”

– “Really?!”

– “…like…”

– “I’m hungry”

– “I love it!” (in Portuguese we only use one word to say this and I use it a lot)

– “I have nothing to wear” (though I know that’s not true)

– “I’m almost ready” I say this to my boyfriend when we have to go somewhere and he asks if it will take me much longer to get ready. When I say it, it is usually the truth 😛

5. Eight things I can’t live without

– My loved ones

– My TV shows

– Internet. It is sad, but true…

– Perfumes

– Make-up and clothes and shoes ❤

– Tea

– Sun

– Music

6. Eight movies/series/books I love

(Seriously, how can I possibly pick only eight?!)

– All my TV shows. I did a post about them a few months ago so click here to find out all about them

– “The Mortal Instruments”. I watched the movie a couple of years ago and loved it (though I know it wasn’t great but it starred Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower and the story had potential). I started reading the first book a few days ago and, once more, loved it! And I’m looking forward to the TV show that is coming up 🙂

– “Pride and Prejudice” – book and film!

– “The Hunger Games” – again, books and movies

– “Divergent” – books and films

– “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

– “The Picture of Dorian Gray”


7. Eight blogs to do this TAG

I don’t really feel like nominating blogs, really. I usually nominate quite a few and some of them don’t do the TAGs (which, by the way, is kinda rude…).

So, if you are reading this and thinking “what a great little TAG, wouldn’t mind doing it on my blog”: I here by nominate you! 😉


Alice ❤

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