My Fashion Essentials for Spring/Summer

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with my fashion essentials for Spring and Summer. If you click on the images, it will open a new tab with their website so you can see everything in detail and even purchase them, should you want to. Hope you like my choices! 🙂


Plain, printed, short, maxi… Any kind of dress will do for this time of year! If you’re like me and are self-conscious about your body, you can always go with a maxi dress or choose a dress that suits your body shape. Remember: there are tricks you do to achieve the look you’re searching for. For instance, you can always add a belt to the dress to give the illusion of a smaller waist and make the whole look a bit more fun 😉


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I’m a huge fan of denim! As I said before, I’m very self-conscious about my body so, even during the summer – when it’s always above 30ºC (86ºF) -, I’m almost always wearing jeans. And who doesn’t love a good denim shirt? I leave you with a couple of them from Mango that I find gorgeous! Also, a complete denim look is a huge trend this season (not one of my favourite ones, though).


4473084400_2_1_143047557_54-43090087_56-43025684_PL-43023589_9943040023_TC_Bhmprod (2)


Again, I love wearing white. I think it suits every single skin tone (you just have to find the right shade of white for you) and looks stunning when you have a bit of tan going on. Pair it with either black, denim, a bright colour, a pastel or a nude (any colour, really) and it will look amazing!



Pastels are those colours that you either love or hate. I used to hate them before but now I kinda love them 😛 they go with everything: light wash denim, dark wash denim, white, black, bright colours…!



Coral has to be one of my absolute favourite colours! If I could, I’d wear coral every single day. It suits every skin tone and goes with everything… What else could you ask for? 😛

3633051600_2_3_141017663_87-43000055_TM-43025681_01-43010312_32-43030342_OR2488165679_2_3_143085681_89-43033576_DC-43017596_PL-43077000_99-43060341_992176379679_2_1_1image1xxl (1)


Again, I wasn’t very fond of flower prints a few years ago but they grew on me and now I’m a bit obsessed with them. They look beautiful with either a dark or a light background and they go with everything 🙂



I never, ever wear shorts. However, I love seeing them on other girls (as long as they don’t show more skin than they should), specially if they’re high-waisted!


Light coats

I love lighter coats! I pretty much live in blazers during Spring and Summer, they’re my favourites for this time of year: they’re light, so you can carry them with you in case you get cold; and they’re not too warm so you won’t be sweating like crazy. You can look absolutely gorgeous with a plain tank top and a statement coat 😉



Kimonos are a huge thing this year. I can see the appeal: they are pretty, light and trendy. I’ve tried a few on – I love the second one I show you below, though I find the fringes a bit too big – but I just don’t like how they look on me. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to seeing myself in a kimono but something just doesn’t feel right for me. I do love to see them on other people and that’s why I decided to include them on my list.



Again, another huge trend that I’m not too fond of. I like it if it’s subtle, not if it’s a “BAM, IN YOUR FACE” kind of fringe 😛 I do like them in the items I picked, specially in the suede messenger bag.



I looooove sandals! My feet are always super cold so I hate it when they’re hot because I’m not used to it, feels really weird (TMI, I know 😛 ). That’s why I pretty much live in sandals during the warmer months. Flats or heels, brown or black, bright-coloured or neutral, love them all ❤


Slip-ons and Slippers

Slip-ons are also a huge trend this season: you find them everywhere, plain or with a print, in any shade you can think of. And I understand why: they’re comfy and not too warm, trendy and pretty (most of them). I has a huge Vans fan back in the day and I think that’s why I’m not that fond of this trend: I associate it with my fifteen year old self and I think that ship has sailed and it’s not meant to come back 😛


Colourful accessories

This is something that I absolutely love! Adding a pop of colour changes any look, making it much more fun and interesting. My favourite colourful accessories to add to any look are either a scarf or a statement necklace, but you also go with a bag, earrings or a pair of shoes 🙂



This is very troublesome for me. I love sunglasses and they’re so helpfull because it gets soooo bright here during the warmer months, but I can’t see a thing if I don’t have my glasses on :-/ That’s why I bought mine at H&M a few years ago for €5 ($5,60/ £3,70) and they’re more than enough for me.


How about you, guys? I’d love to know what are your Spring/Summer essentials! 🙂

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Alice ❤

11 thoughts on “My Fashion Essentials for Spring/Summer

  1. As I said to you before, Spring is the only time of the year I’m fashionable since 95% of my wardrobe consists in pinks and pastels. I loooove the pastel tops you chose and those shoes… *you which ones I’m talking about* fingers crossed for seeing them in sale! If I’m brave enough we might be twinning again but I highly doubt it. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I’ll be buying them ’cause right now I can’t afford them and, by the time I can, I believe my size will be sold out 😥 but they’re soooo pretty ❤ And I love the tops as well though I could never rock the more yellow one 😛 xx


      1. The trick is as soon as you know they’re on sale, buy them online to pick up at a store. Easy to return in case they don’t fit and it’s much higher change of getting your size! You can do it! I’m rooting for you! I ship you with those shoes ahaha

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