April Favourites (Fashion & Make-up)

Hello lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already May, I feel like this year’s flying by so fast…! Is it just me? Anyway, I thought I’d share with you my April favourites regarding fashion, make-up and a bit of skincare as well.

Also, if you click on the pictures you’ll go straight to the item’s website so you can read more about it and buy it, if you want to 😉


I’m in love with these jeans from H&M! My boyfriend gave these to me almost at the end of April and I’ve been wearing them as much as I can ever since. I love dark wash, high-waist jeans – they’re my favourites – and I usually buy them at Zara but they didn’t have any when I went there so I went to H&M and found these, the most comfy and flattering jeans ever! #obsessed ❤


If you read the post I wrote about what I got for my birthday then you’ve already seen this bag. It’s my favourite bag at the moment and I wear it almost every single day ❤


I reviewed this product last week and still love it (have no idea why mine came in French, though 😛 )! I’ve been using it to wash my face both in the morning and at night every single day and my skin has been looking great!


I’d been wanting to try a beauty blender for ages but it was way too expensive for me so I couldn’t resist when I spotted this one at the supermarket for about €6 ($6,50 / £4,25). I’m in love with it! It applies foundation like nothing I tried before, leaves my skin looking flawless! (This is the only product that I can’t link to the website since I bought it at the supermarket :-/ )


I showed you guys this Bourjois’ blush on the post I did about my little Spring Haul. It looks amazing on the skin, love it!


Words can’t describe how amazing this mascara is. If you can spend the money on it, I advise you to buy it: it will change your life!



Again, if you read the post I did about what I got for my birthday, you’ve already seen this baby. It’s the perfect “your lips but better” colour, I’ve been wearing it almost every single day.


I’ve also showed you this lip gloss on the post I did on my Spring Haul. It’s such a gorgeous mauve pink… I’m glad I bought it, love the colour!

Have you guys tried any of these products? If you have, what do you think of them? Are you as obsessed as I am?


Alice ❤

9 thoughts on “April Favourites (Fashion & Make-up)

  1. Eu já tenho a Roller Lash e, minha nossa, que poderosa! Adoro, adoro, adoro! E também já estive para comprar um desses blushes da Bourjois mas nunca comprei e agora parece que andam a fazer a marca desaparecer, porque nas Sephoras e Douglas de cá já não vendem e no Continente onde vão não repõem o que vai acabando. ):

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    1. Exacto, a Roller Lash é simplesmente perfeita! ❤ ainda bem que comprei o blush, então. Fui a tempo 🙂 se quiseres posso ver se ainda há cá na Sephora. Xx


      1. Hum, não, este mês não. Estou a poupar. xD eu andei foi a ver um baton que pedi para os anos e como ninguém me deu ia eu comprar e onde quer que vá não há a marca, o que é pena. ):

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