Spring Makeup Haul

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? I did some work this month so received a little extra cash and I also got a text from Sephora saying I had 20% off. I just had to take advantage of that, right? 😛 I bought a few things I needed and a couple that I wanted to try and I wanted to share them with you.


This is everything I got. I was in need of a new mascara since my They’re Real was almost empty so I thought I’d try the new Roller Lash and see what all the hype’s about. I also wanted a nude eye pencil for my waterline and some coral/peachy lipstick and blusher. I ended up buying a lip gloss (which I never used before but now I definitely will) from Urban Decay because I fell in love with the colour.

Sephora’s Long lasting khol pencil in “07 Infinite beige”


Bourjois’ blusher in the colour “41”


Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara 


Kiko’s lipstick in “804”

7 8 9

(This lippie was a total bargain! I bought it for €3,50 / $3,70 / £2,50)

Urban Decay’s Naked Lipgloss in “Liar”

10 1113

And that’s all I got! Have you guys bought anything recently? Have you tried any of these?


Alice ❤

23 thoughts on “Spring Makeup Haul

    1. Eu já tinha olhado para ele mas os blushes em rosa atraem-me mais. Desta vez apetecia-me mudar, queria experimentar um em tons de laranja/coral e estou a adorar, tenho usado quase todos os dias! 🙂 xx


  1. Aii, olho imensas vezes para esse blush e também quero experimentar a Roller Lash, mas já vi gente a dizer que não é assim tão boa. Depois diz o que achas!!

    E esses batons da Kiko são maravilhosos! Eu tenho o 813 e adoro!!!


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    1. Eu estou viciada na Roller Lash, acho que não te vais arrepender de a experimentar. Alonga e separa as pestanas, é perfeita!! E o blush também é maravilhoso ❤ Também adoro o batom da Kiko, se bem que, em mim, fica um pouco mais a fugir para o rosa que propriamente coral. Mas adoro-o ainda assim 🙂 xx


  2. I definitely want to try the”Roller lash” by benefit for a long time,but i always spend my money for lipsticks xD For me they are like a drug! However,what you think of bourjois? There in italy i can’t find this brand’s products but i want to try them. The lipstick and the lipgloss by Kiko and Urban decay are adorable *.*

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 I totally understand you spending your money on lipsticks xD I love Bourjois, it’s an amazing brand. I have two blushes and an eye pencil from them and absolutely love them all. I’ve also tried one of their foundations, the “1 2 3 perfect”. I really loved it! And a friend of mine’s loving their “Healthy Mix” foundation. And I hear their lipsticks and nail polishes are also great but I’ve never tried them. I believe it’s a great, affordable brand and I advise you to check it out, whenever you have the chance to 🙂 Xx

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      1. Ok honey! I will absolutely try it! Thank you for the exhaustive advice. Where you buy their products? Maybe i can find some of this brand’s product on Maquillalia website 🙂 xxx

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      2. You’re welcome ❤ I usually buy it at Sephora but you can order on-line: Feel Unique, Asos, Amazon, they all sell it. Hope I could help 🙂 xx

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  3. Wow, a true spring haul! Everything looks so spring-like!
    The Bourjois blush looks so cute and the Roller Lash is one of my top ‘want’s. 😀
    And also, that Kiko lipstick… ugh, to die for!

    Lovely post!


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    1. Thanks!! I’m literally obsessed with everything I got, I love everything and how it all looks xD I definitely advise you to get the Roller Lash, if you have the chance to. I was afraid to spend money on any mascara other than the They’re Real but I’m glad I did ’cause the Roller Lash is amazing! And yes, that Kiko lipstick ❤ ❤ xx

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