My Makeup Brushes

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I’m sharing with you my favourite makeup brushes! I believe that if you have good, clean brushes, you’re set to getting a better makeup look. When I started playing around with makeup, I had no idea how crucial it was to have a good brush (I always bought them at H&M). But as the passion for makeup started growing, I learned that good brushes are essential (if you can’t afford many, I advise you to invest on a proper foundation brush as it’s the base to everything else and you want your skin to be looking as flawless as possible!).

I had no idea which brushes were good and where to start so I went to Sephora (where else, right?). I didn’t have loads of money to spend so I reached for the Sephora ones and they felt really nice and weren’t that expensive so I started buying them, little by little. I also got one from MAC (a 217, a must-have for your crease eyeshadow and to achieve the perfect smokey eye), one from Urban Decay that came with the Naked 3 palette and one from Make Up For Ever that I use on my eyebrows.

And this is my little collection…


This is where I store them at home. I bought this “candle holder” (it’s what they call it here) at H&M about six months ago for 6€ (around $6,50 / £4,35) and absolutely love it!


This is where I take them with me when I travel. My mum made this lovely bag for me and it’s so practical for taking all my brushes with me when I’m travelling… Love it!


For my foundation I normally use the flat top kabuki brush (#43) from Sephora. It says it’s for contour but I love it for foundation as it gives a flawless, full coverage look. For a more subtle, “no makeup makeup” kind of look the other brush (which is nameless but go with a synthetic brush like this and you should be fine) is better.


I normally use my fingers to blend my concealer because I feel that the warmth of skin touching skin makes the whole thing look much more natural (does that make sense to you?). But if I’m feeling fancy I’ll use this brush (#46), also from Sephora.


I always use this brush to set everything with powder. It actually came with no number on it so I can’t identify it to you but any natural brush (as opposed to a synthetic one) should do the job!


For blush I always prefer to use an angled brush and I absolutely love this one: it’s the right size, it’s fluffy and gets the job done!


For bronzer (I don’t really do contour, I do a bit of a mix between contouring and bronzing) I use this bigger flat top kabuki brush (#46) and it does it perfectly for me.


This is where it gets tricky. Fuller, fluffier brushes are ideal to blend your eyeshadow whereas a more dense brush is good to apply eyeshadow to the lid. Brushes like the third from the right are ideal to focus the eyeshadow on the crease or on the outer corner of the eye and a brush like the first from the right is perfect for smudging and creating a smokey effect.


This Make Up For Ever brush is the one I use on my eyebrows: I use the spoolie to brush my them and the tiny angled blush for applying eyeshadow to them.

How about you, guys? Which are your favourite brushes?

Hope you’ve found this helpful! 🙂


Alice ❤

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