My Favourite Youtubers

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? This past year I’ve been introduced to the wonders of Youtube. I’d used it before (obviously!) but I didn’t know you could actually make a living off of it! And there are so many beauty channels that one doesn’t know where to start… So today I’ll share with you my favourite Youtubers, the ones I watch religiously (if you click on their name, it will lead you to their channel)!

#1: Jaclyn Hill

This girl is hilarious! She’s my favourite Youtuber, she has worked for MAC and has recently created some lipsticks with Gerard Cosmetics (you can see them by clicking here) and an amazing eyeshadow palette with Morphe (see it here)!

#2: Fleur de Force


Fleur is beautiful, British and always has amazing makeup looks and shares great tips. Her videos include Fashion, Makeup and Skincare and she has recently launched a book (here) where she shares makeup tips, wardrobe cheats, first-date pointers and even healthy lifestyle motivation.

#3: Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)


Sam (the brunette) worked with MAC, Estee Lauder and Chanel, doing everything from fashion weeks, to editorial. Nic (the blonde) was not far behind, following a similar path, but in her own right. Over time, they both had built a reputation in the industry as respected makeup artists.

In 2008, Sam uploaded her first video to YouTube, when a friend asked how to get a smoky eye. Soon, Sam and Nic began to collaborate, and the Pixiwoo channel began to take off. The girls were the perfect team, each bringing something different to the table: Sam would use her expertise to recreate runway looks and Nic would have fun focusing on the latest celebrity look. Today, with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, the sisters call themselves the “grandmothers of YouTube.”

In 2010, they launched the Real Techniques brush collection and their brushes are considered to be some of the best!

#4: Lisa Eldridge


Lisa is a professional makeup artist. She has worded with Shiseido, Boots No7,  Lancôme, Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Donna Karan, Moschino, Yohji Yamamoto, Pucci and is currently the new Make-up Creative Director of Lancôme. Her work can be seen on Vogue, LOVE Magazine, Allure, Glamour, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and many others all around the world.

#5: Tanya Burr

tanya burr

Tanya is an English fashion, beauty, lifestyle vlogger and writer. She created her YouTube channel in October 2009, where she uploaded primarily make-up tutorials providing instructions on replicating celebrity looks, subsequently expanding to include beauty haul videos and vlogs.

In 2014, she released her own cosmetics diffusion line under the brand Tanya Burr Cosmetics (which you can find here) and a book called Love, Tanya, a non-fiction beauty guide and autobiography, on 29 January 2015. She also writes a regular column for Grazia magazine.
essie button
Estée is a beauty blogger (you can find her blog here) who’s Canadian but moved to England a few years ago. Her makeup always looks so fresh and clean and she uploads quite a few hauls and drugstore related videos. She also shares her favourites (on many subjects) and some recipes.
Sona was a freelancer makeup artist and has a blog (here) where she shares Fashion, Makeup, Skincare and quite a few tips. On her Youtube channel, she uploads loads of amazing makeup looks, Fashion lookbooks and life related videos.
rachh loves
Rachel is a Canadian girl who’s married and has a baby girl. On her channel, she shares some of the most important moments in her life, amazing makeup looks, favourites, recipes, beauty hacks and a bit of Fashion.

Nicole has over 2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel! There, she shares her hair transformations, how to properly clean your makeup brushes, hauls, reviews and, of course, great makeup looks (she uploads neutral, everyday, glamorous and bold looks).

#10: Carli Bybel


Carli also has a blog (here) where she shares her makeup and fashion looks, tips, fitness… On her Youtube channel you can find celebrity inpired, arabic, bold, glamorous and neutral looks, hauls, favourites and a bit of fashion.

How about you guys? Who are your favourite Youtubers? Do you follow any of these?


Alice ❤

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    1. Really? Wow, you’re one lucky girl! I’m glad she’s amazing in real life as well 🙂 I’d love to meet Jaclyn, though. She seems like such a great person to hang out with! xx

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