Makeup for Glassess Wearers

Hey guys!

How are you doing? So this is the post I’ve been preparing for a few days, now. As a fellow (and proud!) glassess wearer, I understand the struggle: the lashes hitting the lenses and getting them dirty, the foundation that stays on the bit that sits on your nose, the amazing eye makeup that you put so much effort into and doesn’t show… I feel you!

So today I leave you with a few tips in order to help you look best when you have them goggles on!

#1: Define your eyes

This is honestly the best advice I can give you since it makes all the difference. Define your lash line! You can choose from eyeliner (gel liner, liquid liner…) to eye pencil (and there are quite a few types to pick from) and any colour you want. Also, going in with a nude eye pencil on your lower lash line will give the illusion of bigger, more open eyes.1

#2: Stay neutral!

As I’ve mentioned before, an amazing eye look won’t show properly when you have your glasses on. My advice is: go light with your eyeshadow (you can choose from matte to glittery, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve), define your lash line and go bolder with the lip 😉2

#3: Mascara is an ally, not an enemy

There’re a lot of people saying mascara is the #1 enemy for glass wearers as it will get your lenses dirty. The trick is simple: give them a proper curl before applying your mascara! And you should pick a good eyelash curler (I use the one by Sephora every single day and swear by it!) as a bad one will have the opposite effect to what you’re trying to achieve and will make your lashes fall out (trust me, I’ve been there!).3

#4: Apply your foundation properly

When I first started applying makeup, I’d get foundation all over that bit of the glasses that sits on the nose. And I had no idea it was there because I had no way of seeing it… The trick is to apply your foundation properly: do it by thin layers, specially if you have oily skin.4

#5: Choose a great concealer

When you wear glasses, your eye area becomes the focus of attention. Glasses can amplify your dark circles, mimic lines and puffy bags (isn’t that just great?!) so you should really focus on concealing everything properly, in order to have your eyes looking bright and fresh!5

#6: Add colour to your skin

I find this is a mandatory step for everyone and not only glass wearers but a bit of colour helps to frame your face, give it more definition and a more natural appearance. I, for instance, can’t live without blush!6

#7: Define your brows

Again, I believe this is another crucial step for everyone as eyebrows help frame your face. Also, for glass wearers it draws attention to your eyes, which is what you should be looking for (the focus should be on the eyes, not on the glasses).7

Hope you’ve found this helpful! 🙂


Alice ❤

12 thoughts on “Makeup for Glassess Wearers

  1. Love these tips! Fellow glasses wearer here, and i wear them most days because I’m too lazy to put my contacts in lol. I absolutely hate the foundation on the bridge of my nose sliding off, the worst! So I just avoid wearing foundation when I wear my glasses.

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    1. I totally understand how you feel! I’ve been wearing glasses for about 14 years so I can’t imagine myself without them. Also, I can’t see a thing if I don’t have them on xD I know a lot of people who have had laser eye surgery and they all tell me I should get one as well and I’m always like “nope, too fond of my goggles” ahah. Xx

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      1. I think it’ll be about 11 years with glasses for me, I too am blind without them! My vision seems to get worse every year 😦 lol I’m afraid of lasik, I used to be really freaked out by anything getting close to my eyeballs, which is why it took me so long to get contacts.

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      2. My vision also seems to get worse every year but I’ve given up on changing the lenses every year, it’s way too expensive :-/ And tell me about it! I’m so afraid of having anything on my eyes…! I think you’re really brave, I’d never be able to get contacts xD

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      3. Yeah I’m not gonna lie, contacts were terrible the first few months but I got used to it. I’m also finally able to use eye drops without flinching lol. And tell me about it, going every year is expensive! So I usually do it every two years.

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      4. Yeah, that’s what I do as well. I’ve always had a front row seat for the struggle of wearing contacts: one popping out, having to properly clean them every day, what happens when you get something in your eye… And it’s definitely not pretty! I think I’ll be sticking to my glasses xD

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