What I got for my birthday!

Hey guys!

How are you doing? I received quite a few items of clothing (as well as my new favourite lipstick) for my birthday and wanted to share them with you 🙂

I’ll start by showing you my late bag so you guys can see why I was in desperate need of a new one 😛

??????????????????????????????? 2

And this is the one I got…???????????????????????????????

I also got this dress from Zara4

The two pairs of trousers/jeans are from Mango????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

As well as this jumper??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? 

I also got this swimsuit from Oysho  ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This huge scarf (also from Mango)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

And my new obsession: MAC’s Twig!0


Alice ❤

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